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Keeping Your Car Clean and Organized

Clean Car

It is the time for New Year’s resolutions. Whether you are good at sticking to your goals or not, it makes a big difference to have a healthy, clean, and organized environment when you are changing old habits. According to a study done by Harvard, the average American spend 101 minutes per day in the car, that adds up to be 37,935 hours in a lifetime! That is a lot of time in your car! So to help you change your old habits, let’s start with making some changes in your car.

Keeping your car clean

It can be easy to let our vehicles get messy with the friends, family, kids, and pets that ride with us. While the company is worth the mess that can come along, here are some tips on how to prevent messes from all those adventures.

Let’s get organized!

  • Organize your glove box - Get a simple folder with dividers to put your important documents in from your glove box, this will make finding what you need easy and stress-free.

  • If you have kids, then your backseat will often be filled with toys and books to entertain your little ones during a car ride. Purchase a shoe organizer to hang from the front seat and organize your children’s toys and books in the slots.

  • Keep plastic bags in your car. You can organize them in an empty tissue box, so they can always be handy when you need one.

Staying clean

  • Follow the rule that whenever you leave the car, you take out whatever trash you can see and throw it away. This will help keep the amount of garbage in your car down and help to remind you to tidy up the car every time you get out.

  • Put silicone cupcake liners in your cup holders - This is a place where crumbs and sticky messes can be hard to avoid. Putting these cupcake liners in (after you have cleaned it) will help make those messes easy to clean, by just taking out the liners and shaking them out.

  • If you have a pet that often rides in the car with you, then consider getting a seat protector made for pets like this one. This will help protect your backseat from pet hair and any other damage.

Cleaning out your car can seem overwhelming, but taking these small steps now to clean your car and get organized will you to keep your vehicle clean in the future. So kick off your new year with a clean and organized car!

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