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Where Customers Come First

We know that it sounds cliche to say that the customer comes first here at Perks Auto Body, because everyone says that. But it is true. Our entire business model is based off of providing you, our customers, the best service. It has been this way since we opened 50 years ago, and that is how we continue to run our business.

Vehicle Repair

When you bring your car to be repaired at Perks Auto, we do several things to ensure that your car is being repaired according to safety standards set by the manufacturers and with the best possible parts. Here is a breakdown of some of the things we look at to give you the best quality possible:

  1. We negotiate to get the highest-quality parts

Often when you bring your car to an auto repair shop, your insurance will prefer your vehicle to be repaired with recycled, used, or salvaged parts. This means those parts aren’t always the highest quality or the safest for your vehicle.

We negotiate with your insurance to prevent this. We strive to use only factory-made OEM parts when we repair your vehicle as we know that is the best quality for your vehicle and the best for your safety.

2. We repair your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations

Our technicians repair your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, because that is the way your vehicle was meant to be repaired. Doing so requires more time and effort, which costs your insurance company more. Because of this, insurance companies will often pressure auto body shops to cut corners to repair a vehicle faster, in order to save them money.

The insurance company is not our number one priority. YOU, the customer, are. This is why we continue to provide higher-quality repairs by following the manufacturers’ standards.

3. Our technicians have the best certifications and training

The technicians who repair your vehicle at Perks Auto receive training every year on how to repair vehicles according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. These trainings prepare our technicians to take on any problem with your vehicle and repair to the best possible condition. Our team is dedicated to being up-to-date on the newest technology in auto repair and in using it to provide the best services that we can.

Vehicle Repair

We understand how important your vehicles are to you. They take you to and from work, school, home, soccer games. You drive your kids, family, and friends in your vehicle. It is vital for your vehicle to be in the best condition and to be safe for these important times.

We understand that. This is why we work so hard to give you the best service possible. This is why we negotiate on your behalf with your insurance. This is why we are in our business.

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