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Caring for your vehicle

We love our cars. Our cars are what get us to work, family vacations, the grocery store and wherever else we may go! For many of us, our cars are like a kid that we are proud of, post pictures of on Facebook and brag about to our friends. However, if we don’t properly care for our vehicles then after awhile there won’t be much to brag about.

Here are our top 5 ways to care for your vehicle:


Changing your vehicle's oil regularly can keep your engine in peak condition and help your vehicle have a longer life. Over time, the oil in your vehicle will become sludge and can get dirt and other particles in it. That is stuff you want to keep away from you car engine, because it will corrode the engine.

Changing your oil will protect your engine and also improve your gas mileage and keep everything running smooth. Check your instruction manual to find exactly how often you should change your oil and oil filter, the type of oil that is recommended and how much oil your vehicle needs.

To change your oil, you can take your vehicle to a service shop or you can do it yourself. Here is a great tutorial that will walk you through the whole process if you decide to do it yourself:


Rotating your tires prevents uneven wearing on your tires, make the handling of the vehicle safer and adds thousands of miles to the life of your tires. Our tires wear down differently depending on the side they are on and whether they are in the front or the back.

During a tire rotation, the tires are moved from one spot to another. It could be from left to right or front to back, but it helps the tires to wear more evenly and therefore last longer.

There are several automotive shops that can rotate your tires in the area. Check your vehicle’s instruction manual to find how often you should be rotating your tires.


It is important to regularly check your tire pressure to be sure that your tires are neither overinflated or underunderinflated.

When tires are overinflated the center of the tire will wear down faster and make the tire more vulnerable when encountering road imperfections such as potholes. When tires are underinflated, the shoulders of the tires will wear down faster and you will receive worse fuel economy.

Check your vehicle’s manual or tire information placard for the tire pressure specifications for your vehicle. The tire pressure will naturally change as the seasons do, so be sure to check whenever the weather changes and periodically throughout the year.


Wash your vehicle’s exterior regularly to prevent mud, dirt and salt from building up. Leaving mud, dirt or salt on your car can cause the clear coat finishing to be worn off and leave small scratches on the exterior of your vehicle. This will cause your vehicle to look more worn and beat-up. By keeping your vehicle exterior and interior clean, you are ensuring your vehicle a longer life.


Do not ignore any unusual sounds, warning lights or sudden changes in handling or performance. These are warning signs that something is not right with your vehicle and it needs attention. Do not put off taking care of these things as it can often worsen the problem and be a risk to yourself and others.

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