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Buckle Up!

Brush your teeth, tie your shoes, say please and thank you — from the time we were kids, there have been a million little things we have to remember to do every single day. Many of them don’t have heavy consequences, but others do.

One of the little things that is important to remember everyday is to buckle up. While this hasn’t always been a big focus in our society, it is something that takes two seconds and could save your life and the lives of those you love.

While buckling up may seem like a hassle, uncomfortable or difficult to remember; there ultimately is no excuse good enough when it comes to your or your passengers’ lives. According to Zero Fatalities, there is a motor vehicle accident every 8 minutes, just in the state of Utah. Seatbelts are the single most effective traffic safety device and can greatly reduce your risk when in an accident.

We may think that not buckling up will only affect ourselves, but according to Zero Fatalities, the risk of injury for everyone in the vehicle increases by 40% when one passenger is not buckled up.

Here at Perks Auto, we have noticed that as technology in vehicles improves and a greater emphasis is placed on seatbelt use, that fewer and fewer people come into our shop with injuries after they have been in an accident.

We care about our customers and our community and hope to reach the goal of zero fatalities on the road.

So keep remembering the little things everyday by buckling up.

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