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Don't let distracted driving destroy your summer

According to Utah Zero Fatalities, 1 in 4 crashes are caused by distracted driving.

Imagine driving 60 MPH over an entire football field with your eyes closed. That is what we do every time we look down to read or write a text message while driving on the freeway. According to Utah Zero Fatalities, one in four car crashes are caused by distracted driving and in 2016 22 fatalities occurred due to distracted driving. And about 25% of the cars we repair here at Perks Auto were damaged because of distracted driving.

Utah Zero Fatalities says that anything that takes your eyes and focus away from the road are considered a distraction.

Potential distractions include:

  • eating

  • texting

  • talking

  • navigation

  • caring for children

  • watching videos

  • putting on makeup

  • grooming hair

  • reading

  • messing with the radio

Look back at this past week, and honestly evaluate how often you did any of the above listed activities or were distracted while driving.

The summer months are known as the most deadly 100 days of the year. Let’s change that this year by setting a goal to be less distracted in our driving and reminding our loved ones to put down their phones so we can all arrive at our destinations safely.

Somethings we can do to reach this goal is to:

  • let a passenger answer the phone for you if you are driving

  • wait to eat your meal until you get to your destination

  • turn on the voice command features of your vehicle and use them

We can all work together to create safer roads for everyone by taking the small steps to be less distracted while driving.

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