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Getting an estimate

Getting into a car accident can be a scary and frustrating time. We understand the difficulties that come with car reparations and are here to help you every step of the way. After getting in touch with your insurance, you will want to receive an estimate for the costs of the reparations and the time required to repair your vehicle. Here are the steps you take in this process:

Choose an auto body shop

You may be wondering where you should even go to receive an estimate. Your insurance can give you suggestions for auto body shops that you can take your vehicle to, but the ultimate choice of where you go is up to you. We work with all insurances and if you receive an estimate from your insurance, we can work directly from that.

Come by or set up an appointment

Here at Perks Auto we have someone always available during our business hours, who can give you an estimate. Or you can schedule an estimate appointment and leave a note for our estimator about your car at:

In the past, many insurances have required that you receive more than one estimate before you pick an auto body shop to work on your vehicle. This is no longer a policy for most insurance companies, but you can check with your insurance representative to learn more about your specific policy.

Receiving an estimate

We have Chris, Kelly, and Dustin who can help you with your estimate. We will look at and take pictures of the damage that has been sustained to your vehicle. Then we will look at the prices of the new car parts and equipment that will be needed and the time required for the reparations to create your estimate price. We will also schedule a time for you to bring your car in to be repaired at this time.

Filing an insurance claim

You will need to initiate an insurance claim and then if we have your information, we will send over our estimate and pictures to your insurance so they can approve the costs. Occasionally, an insurance agent will come to Perks Auto and look at your vehicle to give their own estimate. We will then handle all negotiations with your insurance to ensure you receive the highest quality parts and repairs on your vehicle. When shopping for car insurance, it can be difficult to know that you are getting the best deal, here is a study that compares some of the car insurance companies in the nation.

Bringing your vehicle in

On your scheduled day, you can come in and drop your car off during our business hours. If your day is packed during our business hours, then you can drop your car off the night before, using our drop-off box on the east side of our office building. You can fill out the envelope and leave the key in the box for us to take care of the next day. We will then start on the reparations on your vehicle.

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