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Looking back at Perks Auto

In 1968, Perks Auto was fixing a lot more than just cars and trucks. 49 years ago, the shop was located on Main Street in Clearfield, Ut and was a body and mechanic shop and an Arctic Cat dealership for snowmobiles. Dale Perkins was the owner and the shop was fixing just about everything at the time.

A 1970 Chevy NOVA Perks Auto restored and showed at car shows

Six years later, Perks made the move to our current location on Antelope Drive in Clearfield. At the time, Dale was told he was crazy for moving out into the middle of nowhere, but the shop has continued to grow as we began to work entirely on auto body projects.

In previous years, about half of the jobs we worked on here at Perks were customizations and restorations, and the other half were insurance jobs. Now, we tend to have more repairs and only a small amount of restorations.

In 1988, Dale’s son, Chad Perkins, took over Perks Auto Body and the shop received a modernizing makeover. Computers were installed, new paint booths were added and all of the equipment was updated. Under Chad’s management, Perks Auto began to flourish and grow exponentially.

Chad and his son, Chris, made the ultimate duo with Chad managing the guys in the shop and Chris working as an estimator and office manager, as he would work directly with customers and insurance agents.

Chad Perkins (top row, third from the left) and other employees from Perks Auto receiving training in vehicle repair

The shop has continued to modernize and we place a large focus on keeping our employees up-to-date on the latest training in painting and repairing vehicles. In 2012, Chris took over Perks Auto Body when Chad passed away after a long battle against cancer.

As time has progressed, more pressure has been placed on auto body shops to fix cars faster and cheaper. We have worked to keep up with this quickening pace of production, while maintaining the same quality of work in every repair job.

The number one priority here at Perks has always been the customer. Under the management of every owner, we have fought and negotiated to provide the highest quality equipment, materials, and repairs for our customers.

Throughout the generations, we have worked to maintain a family-friendly business that meets the needs of each and every customer.

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